Welcome Everyone

Welcome everyone to this multi-phase launch of Imperial Token NFTs.  The multi-phase launch consists of the initial release of our Prime Token that is now available on the Rarible community marketplace.  If you’re new to collecting and trading NFTs, be sure to check out the About page on how to get set up to begin collecting and trading NFTs.

With the launch of this blog, we enter phase 2; Beta Tokens are in the works on getting minted and bound to the Ethereum blockchain and soon-to-be released on auction to be sold and begin its circulation.  Currently, this site has not implemented any direct sales of Imperial Token NFTs.  The Sales of Imperial Token NFTs utilizes the secure services of Rarible.com. Transfer services available in the Trading Hub is through ‘Crypto Wallet-to-wallet’ for collectors like yourself to claim exclusive Loot Items/Packages (fees and rates are based on your wallet service provider).

Stay tuned for updates and new releases of Imperial Token NFTs: Beta Tokens and our progress into Phase 3 of this multi-phase launch.

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